Who We Are

Hyacinth Games is an outfit based out of Chicago, USA. We are looking to bring our DIY mentalities and creative drive to the gaming world.

We're the makers of Wreck-Age; a strategic squad-based miniatures game and companion RPG set in the (somewhat) near future. 

We often bring up creative commons on our Twitter and in conversation, but we also want to outline how we are utilizing it in our business plan since we have received some questions about CC. We will be working according to Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-Sharealike 3.0, which means a few things to consumers-

You are free to share and remix any work officially created by Hyacinth Games, LLC (That's us). Oftentimes there will be official torrents or other means for you to receive material such as stories, rules, etc. You can go crazy with these as long as you attribute the original work to Wreck Age and it's original author. Think of it as similar to Public Domain... but we aren't dead just yet.

Once you have downloaded and/or put your stamp on any material you put out there, you are welcome to share it as well, as long as you do not do so for commercial purposes. If you do end up with a killer Wreck Age story or a piece of artwork you are proud of and want to sell it, contact us, we might just be interested.

Basically, we are fans of science fiction and gaming who think there is an undeserved rift between most gaming companies and the communities they spawn, and we want to make sure that this is not the case with Wreck Age.

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