Located in the skeletal remains of Denver, Mekka is the Reclaimer’s largest Data Haven. Here, the once individual sky scrappers that dotted Denver have all been melded into a central structure. Originally this conversion was meant to keep deteriorating buildings from collapsing, and as the data haven grew, the melded buildings were relatively closer and closer together until there was essentially one large mass of buildings.

Although it is an empty husk in many regards, Many of the bridges and the central buildings have been rebuilt. New buildings have even built by stripping materials from what was once sprawling metropolitan area. Now Denver is a labyrinth of structures including research labs, data centers and medical facilities. From within the secure walls of Mekka, Reclaimers run about tending to their creations. The success of this great Mekka served as a model for all future Data Havens and Servers.




-Switch City (or "The Switch") is also known by it's ancient name: Chicago. Switch City is North America's largest trading hub (and 2nd largest city in North America). Just about any item known to post-Exodus humanity can be found in the dark and mirky streets of this barter-hub... However, being able to afford it may be a different subject entirely.

Within the gated walls of The Switch, there is a constant influx of traders from a multitude of factions, a variety of merchants, as well as those down on their luck and those trying to increase their fortunes. There aren't many laws here, but the few that exist are very strictly enforced. If the crime is severe, but you have the goods to bribe the security forces and the magistrates, you may be able to pay off your crime, as long as you're able to do so before the Hunters get to you and claim the bounty.

The city itself exists around the old area that was once known as the "loop". Most of that original area, which consisted of the old business district and skyscrapers, is now completely flooded and the ground level is now underwater. The loop has reverted to the swampy conditions of centuries prior, and has become overgrown with lush greenery. Due to it's close proximity to the Switch, there is a constant flow of scavenging missions into the Old Ruins of Chicago (the ORC). However, little is left within easy reach, and the sky-skrapers are starting to groan and sag, as their weary bones begin to give way.


-Tenpike is the epitome of a small town during the Resurgence. A trading hub, built around a large hill with a concrete ramp jutting out of it. The town of TenPike sits on a major crossroads of what was once an interstate highway, but It's been centuries since any vehicles traveled through it on a regular basis. Today, ox-carts and pack boars are the main means of transporting goods through the town that would be considered thriving by 26th century earth standards. The town is built mainly of ramshackle huts constructed from scrap metal, hammered roadway signs, and caked with mud for insulation.


-The Wilds are the wide open plains of the North American midwest. The Wilds are the areas in-between scattered towns and city states where there is even less guarantee of safety. These vast expanses are home to the Drifters, Stakers, as well as all manner of wildlife. The Wilds are also home to some of the largest remaining pre-Exodus weapons caches, missile bases, army barracks, and thus a lot of unclaimed Old Tech. There are also various trading posts and small towns out here as well. Those who live in the wilds tend to view the city states with distain and prefer their own independent frontier way of living. This is also where the vast majority of Tribals and Warlords can be found.

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