The Uprisen

The Uprisen is a soon-to-be-released scenario and adventure source book for Wreck Age, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth on the verge of recovering from centuries of ecological ruin and industrial disaster.


The Uprisen is centered around a small but determined group of former slaves, and tells the story of their struggle to survive against the ceaseless danger of a world gone wrong.


This book is not a single adventure, but instead provides a basic story line and all the tools and suggestions needed to take that plot line anywhere you want it to go. Options abound on every page and while there is a framework to keep your campaign focused, there are also plenty of side roads available for when your imaginations wander off the grid. Played in sequence, shaken up any way you choose or enjoyed free form from the very first session, there will be something in the Uprisen for every game style.

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